Art and Illustration at the Progressive

In October I became the art director of the Progressive magazine. So every month for 2 weeks I scramble like a madwoman to design and lay out the next month’s issue. It’s been incredibly fun and rewarding. By far and away my favorite part has been sourcing the illustrations.

Since I typically work with nonprofit organizations on shoestring budgets, they rarely hire illustrators, and instead source most of the art from stock houses. Sometimes it gets a little repetitive for me (I mean how many images of people sitting around a laptop can one use in a lifetime?) or sometimes I have to live with a result where the images aren’t quite a perfect fit for the content. However, since the Progressive is a monthly publication with a large national circulation, we absolutely need the art to fit the content and sometimes photography won’t do the trick. I’ve done three issues so far and just thought I’d share the covers because the illustrators did such a fabulous job and they were a total pleasure to work with (Caitlin Kuhwald, Dec/Jan and March and Zina Saunders, February). Check them out! (Minus the March one since it hasn’t hit the stands yet, but it’s at the printer and it’s beautiful!)