Back Up Plan

I recently had a dream where I was robbed. A thief had broken into my house and stole my laptop and all of my external hard drives. In one crushing moment I realized that my entire business had been stolen and I burst into tears. I woke up in a complete panic and realized how unbelievably vulnerable this whole KV Design enterprise really is. It’s a business that solely exists in a series of 0s and 1s and if I lose the data, I lose everything. I had always backed up my data on an external hard drive figuring that the major calamity would be one of a computer dying nature. I have no idea why it took my subconsious to figure out that disaster could loom on a physical front too.

Immediately I put a call out for recommendations of cloud back up. In my mind, it would be as simple as quickly copying the files to some mystical server in the sky. In reality, it takes a LONG time to upload the amount of data I’ve amassed in the past 10 years. I looked at the progress bar, and it said “Time Remaining: 22 days”. Wow. I felt kind of defeated.

So I left it for a night thinking it would chug away. When I got back the next morning there was an error message and it had restarted. My heart sank again. “What if the thief comes TONIGHT or even tomorrow or frankly within the next 22 days?” I thought. So I decided to back up only my work projects instead of the entire contents of my computers. That would surely take less time. But the whole thing ended up being about 280GB anyhow. CrashPlan Pro was unimpressed with my culling and the progress bar glumly ready “Time Remaining: 9.5 days”

Once it’s all up in the cloud (I just like saying that), then it only backs up what’s been modified, so my rational brain knows I need to get through the initial upload for peace of mind. Nevertheless, as of today it’s telling me “Remaining: 73,498 files, Completed: 42,017 files, 4.3 days remaining”.>

I’m making a plea to my would-be thief, please hang on for another 5 days or so. Then instead of me bursting into tears when I enter my office, I might just sigh, buy a new computer, file some insurance claims, and spend approximately 9.5 days downloading all of my files. Beats the alternative.