Home Grown

“Resistance Starts at Home” reads a t-shirt I designed for my friend’s chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. This week I got to see it in action.

My birthday was a few days ago, and true to form, my sarcastic and ever tormenting brother gave me a box titled “Speeches of Donald Trump.”  The box was empty save for a “collector’s coin” titled “Battle.” There are no speeches in the box, just empty spaces where you can put the other soon-to-be-released coins that I guess tie back to his speeches? It’s very Trump—an empty vessel that promises you something and gives you something gold and gaudy instead. (Side note: the coin depicts his head on both sides so you are ALWAYS WINNING when you do a coin toss!)

The Battle coin gives us this pearl of wisdom, “Sometimes by losing the battle, you find a new way to win the war.” The box has a few blustery paragraphs about how he trounced Hillary Clinton and extols his “other multi-million dollar investments such as casinos, beauty pageants and the hit reality TV show, The Apprentice.” So it’s classy, like Trump himself.

Anyway, once I opened it, my kids’ eyes got wide and said, “Why would Uncle Jim give that to you?” Then my five-year old daughter said in a whisper, “We don’t say the P word here.” My husband looked stricken thinking she knew way more than she should about Pussygate. But then she stage whispered “PRESIDENT Trump.” My whole family laughed. She’s right—I told the kids that I would never call him President Trump, and apparently they listened. Then my son grabbed the box, and ran off with it. My daughter followed behind and I didn’t think much of it.

Later, they came back with two pieces of what I can only call resistance art. My daughter “turned Trump into a girl since he’s mean to them,” (although I’d argue her art looks more like an AMAZING Trump drag queen but whatever), and my son had started a new chapter on his epically long and detailed graphic novel, How to Torture Your Sister. In this newest chapter, he wrote out a new section “Torture of the Day.”  Since his handwriting is atrocious, I will translate the instructions for you:  1. Print out a picture of Trump. 2. Find cardboard. 3. Glue picture to cardboard. 4. Wait for 1 hour. 5. Punch holes along sides and eyes. 6. Put string through holes. 7. Finally, walk around with your Trump mask and annoy your sister.

I know it’s not going to change the world having my kids create Trump art, but maybe taking my daughter to resistance art workshops is starting to mean something to her. I like to think that it’s setting them on a path to becoming someone admirable like Emma Gonzalez, because if there’s one thing that young woman has taught us, it’s that children can change the world. I would be proud to call her my daughter.