Stopping to photograph the flowers

No doubt if you are reading this, most of your Facebook feed is like mine, an endless scroll of happy pictures of your friends’ kids and vacations. I love this, don’t get me wrong, and I’m equally as responsible (guilty?) of this kind of posting. While I get jealous of everyone’s fake perfect lives and fake perfect kids, I post fake perfect pics of my kids too. But as the “friend” list grows and grows, sometimes it’s oddly bloated with pictures of acquaintances’ families and weird personal antecdotes, too. One of my real friends goes through a Facebook friend purge every month. If she hasn’t laid eyes on a person for a long time, gone. I admire the commitment but I can’t share it.

And this is because I’m obsessed with the posts from one of my old and unseen friends. I haven’t talked to him in person since college. He does not post pictures of his friends or family or girlfriend or whatever. I actually have no knowledge at all of his social life. What he does is take a lot of walks. And he lives somewhere beautiful (Kentucky). And he photographs all of it in beautiful detail. The photos are often intense close ups of mushrooms, flowers, or cool insects. They are impeccably lit and perfectly focused. He probably thinks I’m a stalker because I give the thumbs up every one of his photos. I mean it, every one, and there are sometimes two a day. But they make me happy.

I’m supposed to be a visual person—I’m a graphic designer, I used to be somewhat of an artist. But now, I’m pressed for time and often trapped in working world and mom world. I rarely have time to just stop and smell the flowers anymore. This friend stops, photographs them, and shares them. The power of social media!

(The picture above is not his, it’s just some crappy thing I took off the web…I kind of like the anonymity of this story, it’s such a contrast to the logic of Facebook.)